Mo's Wonderful Nanny

Over the past few years, I've heard a lot of smack talk about the Millennial Generation.  I've heard about how selfish and entitled they are and how they don't understand the importance of civic engagement, volunteerism and philanthropy.  I've even seen it with my own eyes.  There are some really annoying millennials out there!

Just as there are annoying Baby Boomers (oy), Generation X'ers (my own people - they embarrass me so!), Generation Y'ers (don't get me started - as a side note: an ongoing battle of Ted and mine is when I tell him he is Generation Y and he insists that he is Generation X - the battle continues).

I try to judge people by who they are and not their age or generation.  I find that when I do this, I feel much more comfortable with my own age as well, since I end up with friends from all generations.  I can see where I've been and what I've got coming and the future looks a whole lot less scary when you can find a few "oldies but goodies".

This post is really about Mo's nanny, Jessica.  She is 24, with a wise old soul.  I can't tell you how much I love this young woman.  She is so good with Mo, so easy to be around, so responsible.  She is always reading about child development and looking for new ways to engage our baby.  She is also deeply compassionate and I love that about her.  Since she started working here, there have been many days where I just couldn't stop crying.  She has patiently listened to me talk about Max, and grief, and life after death, and my medium experiences and my anger, and on and on and on.  Poor Jessica!  I'm not sure she knew what she was getting into.  But, she loves Mo with so much obviousness.

For the past two weeks, Jessica was in Ethiopia, visiting care sites for orphaned children and children in need.  She spent her hard earned money to get on a plane and go across the world for what will likely be her only real vacation this year, to sleep in a guest house with 3 roommates, bring much needed supplies and make sure that the money she has been sending monthly for the last four years is indeed helping children.  Her monthly gift to Children's Hope Chest sponsors a little girl with money for food, textbooks and supplies and medical care.  She was the youngest solo traveler in the group (there were several teenagers in the group who were traveling with their parents.)  Most of the friends she made while in Ethiopia were my age or older.

Before she left, Jessica could see that Mo was about to start walking.  She was sad that she'd likely be missing his first steps.  She texted me from Ethiopia to tell me that she missed him so much and asked if I would send photos.  I told her he hadn't started walking yet - he was waiting for her.  And, indeed he did!  His first day walking was her second day back with him.

I love that my kid isn't the only one that Jessica is taking care of every single day (and I am not just referring to the fact that she takes care of an adorable 6 year old girl every afternoon after she leaves us). I know she'll be going back to visit with her Ethiopian friends for many years to come.

One of the group leaders wrote this post about their trip, that includes so many wonderful pictures from their trip.   

One of the schools that Jessica visited is looking to buy textbooks so that each child there will have one.  Currently, they are sharing one book for every 4-5 children - happily.  If you would like to help the school (Trees of Glory) purchase books, you can click this link to make a donation:

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What an inspiring and special young woman. Thank you so much for writing about her. I am so glad that you, Ted and Mo have her in your wives just as I am sure she is happy to have you in hers. Lovely.