The Gavin Project

I mentioned that two of Ted's best friends, Ryan and Keelin, lost their nephew two weeks ago.  Little Gavin Michael LaBella was only 16 months old.  He is the son of Ryan's sister and her husband.  He was a real cutie, and a twin - his sister, also super cute, is named Maris.  He also has a big sister named Gia.  I don't know Gavin or his parents personally, but Ted does and tells me that they are wonderful people.  You can tell that they are when you go to the website that they have already created to honor Gavin's memory:  Ted found a Facebook page for The Gavin Project this morning and we laid in bed, looking at the cutest photos of Gavin and his sister.  Little Gavin is smiling from ear to ear in every picture we saw.  I can't tell you how sad it makes us to know that anyone we know would have to go through the pain we are experiencing.  It tears my insides out to think about a world without Gavin....and I never knew him!  His parents are raising money in his memory to make their town of Fairfield, CT (where Teddy grew up) a better place for the families who live there.  "The goal of The Gavin Project is to contribute towards the children's libraries, parks and playgrounds in the Fairfield community a place for individuals and familes to celebrate life."  I got chills when I read that.  I know how hard it will be for them to enjoy life in the coming months.  It got me thinking about all of the good that comes out of such dramatic loss.  I can think of no better way to celebrate the life of someone so loved than to share that love with the surrounding world.  It just seems unfair to me that while their mission is to improve life for other families, their family will forever be incomplete.  Like everything about loss and tragedy - there is nothing fair about it.  I like to think all of these little ones have connected with each other on the other side.  I hope Maxie is taking good care of Gavin and that maybe the two of them have hooked up with Marley and Lucy and Charlie and the other babies gone too soon.  Babies who I never knew, but who I have grown to love through the way their parents have honored and memorialized them.  Babies who should be here, snuggling in their parents arms, playing on the playgrounds and in the parks that the Gavin Project will make even better.  Babies who will never ever be forgotten and for whom their parents love will continue to grow until we meet them again.  

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