Team Maxie - Running to Remember

I dreaded this weekend and, as expected, it HAS been very emotionally challenging.  At the same time, getting out of my house and being around my friends has been really great.  I feel so supported and loved.  This morning's 5k was WET!  Our group mostly walked but there were a few runners.  Runners: Stefanie Elkins, Stacy Katz, Jessica Clements and Stefanie Hobbs.  Walkers: Gigi, Aunt Jan and her husband, Ian, Grandma Susanna, Ken (K-pa), Uncle Paul, Prima Sharon, Robyn Heller, Ann Frederick, Carmen Abramian, Amy Mirich, Tamar Tamler, Erika Montes, and Kate Spitser (did I forget someone?).  Papa L and Sadie were there to cheer us on!  I think we met up with everyone but perhaps there were a few people who we missed.  Thank you to everyone who came this morning.  It was early, cold and rainy but everyone showed up with awesome attitudes.  For example, check out Prima Sharon.

Beth got t-shirts for everyone - and she and Ted made lots of pins yesterday with cute photos of Maxie for everyone to wear as well.  With the exception of the runners, Team Maxie was pulling up the rear of the race.  By the time it ended, it was POURING and my socks and pants were soaked all of the way through.

By the way, Auntie Beth is running the LA Marathon for Team Maxie tomorrow and Maxie's story will be part of the coverage on KTLA (Channel 5).  If you have a DVR, record the LA marathon coverage to see Auntie Beth run and talk about our beautiful Maxie.

Thank you to everyone who came out this morning to run and walk beside us. It felt really nice to be surrounded by you all!



Anniefrederick said...

It was really a special weekend with you Abby and Ted. I was honored to walk with you today and thought of Maxie as we walked through the trees of Elysian Park. A big thank you for posting the picture of me looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Matt didn't believe me when I said I looked like him (or Chris Farley singing "Fat Guy in a little coat") and that picture is priceless! xoxo

maxiesmommy said...

I figured that my friend who dresses up like "Ugly Prince" for her own 30th Rock and Roll Birthday party wouldn't mind the stay puft marshmellow photo on the blog. Good think you look extra cute in the other photo.

Kate said...

I was so glad to be a part of this, and I'm sure Max was smiling down on us. And although indeed emotionally challenging for all it was great to see you and Ted and all your amazing friends and family twice in one week. Love you guys. xo

Stefanielkins said...

It was with a heavy but full heart running in honor of your beloved Maxie. I was/am so happy to be part of your amazing team!

Jessica said...

It was an honor to run as part of Team Maxie. I'm proud of what we are working towards but so sad that we have a cause to be working towards in the first place. I finished the race with my Maxie button in my hand and a big kiss for his beautiful smiling face. Maxie and the inspirational Auntie Beth are the reason I started running. I'll carry your special boy with me each and every race. I love you guys.