Gearing up for Thursday

Yesterday, Ted and I picked up Prima Sharon at the airport.  She and I spent the afternoon working on the silent auction and raffles.  It was a lot of work going through the donations and creating packages. Let me just say that I knew good stuff was coming in but I didn't really realize the scope of the goodness until we sat down and started cataloguing it all.  We started getting nervous that people would be showing up too late for the auction and raffles and we wanted to give you some incentive.  Those of you who have already reserved your space have already received an email with these details,and for that, I apologize.  However, we wanted to give you preview tease of what you can bid on to give you extra incentive to show up at 7 pm!  Show starts and 8:15 pm and the Silent Auction and Raffles will close then.  Don't miss out!

We have:
3  - X Box  Kinects
Hotel and Resort stays in Chicago, Paris, France, Palm Desert, San Francisco, Costa Rica, Lake Arrowhead and More!
Golf Packages
Wine Tasting packages
3 - Sheriff Ride-Alongs
3 - Cuisinart packages (each packages retails at several hundred dollars and has 3 stainless steel kitchen appliances)
A reading with Moriah the Medium
A lazer tag party for up to 15 people
......and more....much more! 

A few other things I wanted to mention.  1) If you are our friends and have been too scared to be in touch with us for the last eight months, please do not let that keep you from coming to Maxie's memorial.  We are not angry and it would mean a lot to us to see you there.  If you are uncomfortable talking to us, there will be plenty of other people to talk to.  I promise.  I won't be offended if you don't want to approach me.  I know that it is scary to talk to someone who has been through a loss like ours.  2) There are still many seats left for Maxie's Benefit.  Don't forget to register online at:  You won't receive "tickets" but your name will be on the list at the front door.  3) If you cannot come, please consider supporting one of our 5k walkers/runners.  They are raising as much through their efforts as the tickets to Maxie's benefit have so far raised.  Ted and I feel so lucky to have friends that have put themselves out there to support us and demonstrate their love for us and our baby through their actions.  There aren't enough words to thank them
4) Lastly, and most importantly, if you know someone who has recently (or not so recently) had a loss like ours or if you have - don't be afraid to contact me, if you'd like.  I am still early in my grief but further along than many (it breaks my heart that babies continue to die all of the time in fact).  I do like to connect and give and receive support as much as possible.  Please don't feel weird approaching me.  Even if you don't know me.  You can email me at teddyabby at gmail dot com.  

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Kathleen said...

Abby, thank you for being so authentic and inspiring.