Alternative Doggie Medicine

Several years ago, I met up with an old camp friend who was a chiropractor and living in San Francisco. We took a walk around Dolores Park with his aging dog. He told me how years earlier, his vet had basically told him that his dog's time was up. Being an alternative medicine practitioner, he knew there was more that he could do for her. He had been taking her for doggie acupuncture and chiropractic work and at the time of our walk together, it had been 7 years since the vet had given him the bad prognosis of her health.

I've lost too much. And, no, I don't think losing Jake would be anywhere near as hard as losing Max. Not even in the same ballpark. But I would be really sad, because I love him very much. And I don't like change, so I want to keep him here as long as possible.

This morning we are getting a little doggie acupuncture. He seems pretty happy about it too! I have high hopes!!

We love you Jakey!!!


Taryn said...

Wow! I'm glad there are options like this! How did it work? Is he feeling better after treatment, or is it mostly for relief during the treament? I sure hope it helps longer-term. What a sweet dog.

Egreeno said...

Also dying to hear your thoughts on how it went, any noticeable differences after? Jakey is such a sweety!