Here are the answers to many of the questions I have been asked lately:

1. Mo's Poison Oak is already basically gone. It was really bad for about two days and now I just see a thin little red line. No more bumps or welts! I am so grateful it was such a minor case.  Ted gets it bad and we know it can be really nightmarish.

2. My diet has not worked at all. No, I have not been cheating (well, I may have cheated while Prima Sharon was here but that is really it with the exception of maybe three times total in three months.) We are still working out every night so I am not sure what is going on - maybe thyroid or hormones.  Anyway, I caved and bought a pair of "Not your daughters jeans" after I read how much Padma Lakshmi loves them. If they are good enough for her, who am I to turn up my nose at them? They really do make me look a full size smaller!

3. Yes, we are watching the Bachelorette. No favorites yet. This group doesn't have a ton of personality, right? Call me crazy, but I think my favorite is the plumber - Mikey. What I've learned is that the young people are into hairless chests. That's about it! I can't wait for Monday!

4. So many good baby food recommendations! Thank you everyone! You can see them in the comments section of my advice post a couple of days ago. To add- waffles, gyoza or potstickers, and quesadillas! I'm excited to feed my baby! He tried applegate organic chicken nuggets and LOVES them!

5. Mo is still not crawling but he is SO close! He is actually in such an easy stage that I know won't last long.  He sits up and plays in one spot.  I can tidy up or work a little and he is content and I have have to worry about him going anywhere.  Depending on where we are though, I have to be more watchful. Here is a glimpse:

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Rachael Petru Horowitz said...

I love how he gets under the chair, gives that sweet smile and then does his devious little "i'm eating the chair" move. SO CUTE!!! Have you ever considered he might just walk? Does he pull up and cruise?