Maxie's Birthday Benefit

I've spent some time this morning working on this year's Benefit for Maxie.  I spoke with the CEO of First Candle to talk about how they can support our event and how we can best support their work.  Being able to support an organization that will educate people about safe sleeping, help grieving families and fund research to eradicate SIDS is a meaningful way for me to continue to parent my precious baby.  I am very excited about working with them and think that the work that they do is so important.

After that phone call, my new friend, Rachael (who I LOVE), arranged a conference call with a local business owner who is interested in helping us by donating space at one of her awesome venues for our event.  I CANNOT tell you HOW excited I am about this.  I absolutely LOVE the venues that she and her husband own and I am humbled that they would consider supporting our cause (I don't want to jinx it until I know it is happening for sure, so you'll have to wait to find out where but TRUST ME - it is so cool!).  It lights up an otherwise very dark time for us....Maxie's birthday last year was so hard, so lonely.  I know it will be as hard this year but doing this event gives us something positive to focus on.  I am grateful.  Like, HONESTLY, I am really grateful.  Can you believe it?

Now, I am going to put it out there -  I am looking for additional sponsors.  Corporate and Individual Sponsors to help cover the costs of the event AND sponsors to donate for our silent auction.  First Candle is going to set up a family event site for us.  Donors will be able to make their donations directly to First Candle, that way they will be issued letters for goods, auction items and in-kind donations, which is good for your taxes!   Please consider donating towards our silent auction!  Great silent auction items are vacation homes, airline miles, goods and services.  Maybe you have connections to cool stuff that you can donate towards our cause in Maxie's sweet memory.  Our silent auction was such a success last year!  We had such cool items - Cuisinart goods from my wonderful mother in law, a reading from one of my favorite mediums, lots of vacation homes and packages, restaurant certificates, clothing and more.  Ted and I LOVE silent auctions ourselves and think it is such a fun way to be able to get something awesome while contributing towards a good cause.  We are so grateful for your support.  Honestly.

Anyway, stay tuned!  Maxie's Birthday First Candle Benefit - coming this October!

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