Some advice for me from you?

Indeed, Mo has poison oak.  It doesn't seem to be bothering him so his pediatrician just told me to keep an eye on him and the rash.  He isn't scratching or anything.  It's a relief.  Even though I stopped googling scary stuff a while back, I actually googled "Poison Oak + death" and apparently that can only happen if you eat the Poison Oak.  If he had gotten his hands on it, he probably would have eaten it, but thankfully, he did not.  We were really careful.  I don't know how he got the Poison Oak at all quite honestly.

He also has some kind of a "yeasty" rash in his diaper area.  I made Ted run out and get Monistat 7 as prescribed by the pediatrician yesterday to get rid of it.  This morning, I just left the tube on the changing table.  My nanny came, changed Mo, took in the other room to play.  About an hour later, I explained about Mo's poison oak and yeast rash.  She looked incredibly relieved to know that I hadn't just left my Monistat on the table.  Pretty funny.  We both laughed about that one!

Anyway, while I have your attention - I need some solid food advice.  Mo loved EVERYTHING I gave him until just recently.  He's gotten kind of picky.  He doesn't really like me to feed him as much as he likes to pick things up and feed them to himself but I fear I have burned him out on everything I can think of to give him: scrambled eggs, yams, bananas, cheerios (he's REALLY sick of these), black beans, broccoli.  He likes carbs - puffs, toast, cookies.  Can't say I blame him.  Last night I made him a grilled cheese and hid broccoli in it.  I try to make turkey meatballs and meatloaf every week or so.  I was thinking about buying turkey or salmon burgers and breaking them up for him.  I have a food grinder that I put a hamburger and fries in while camping and he went to town on it but I tried to grind up some pasta and butternut squash when we got home and he ignored it.  I guess it's true that food tastes better when camping.

I'm wondering if anyone has some good ideas for hand held easy foods.

And while I am asking for advice - does anyone know of a good DOG chiropractor.  Yes, I said Dog Chiropractor.  In the LA area.  Poor Jakey is having a rough time.  I love him so much and I am worried about him.


Becca said...

I love the finger food stage, I dunno why. Both my boys were gaga for avocado. Also maybe try pears, carrots cooked really soft, baked potato, peaches, different cooked grains like rice/lentils/quinoa (they kinda just grab handfuls and shove it in), quesadilla (same as a grilled cheese I guess, you can hide lots of good stuff in there too). I think the salmon burgers are a good idea too. My kids loved salmon at that age and now won't touch it!

Anyway, have fun with it. I hope Mo gets over his poison oak soon and I'm glad it's not bothering him!

Stacy said...

good luck with the food. eli used to be the BEST eater...and he literally only eats carbs and dairy now - no matter how hard I try to give him fruit, veggies or meat. here are some things you could try:
tofu (cut into chunks). cooked pasta that you keep in the fridge. blueberries. edamame. french toast (cut into small pieces). waffles (small pieces). hard boiled egg white. lox. cooked tilapia or halibut. melon balls, cut in half or quarters. baby bagels (with or without cream cheese or hummus), cut in half and then into small pieces. pita and hummus - let him have fun trying to dip the pita in the hummus. anything that requires dipping may be fun for him? i also like yogurt drops - Happy Yogis Organic Yogurt Melts are good. Good luck! I read somewhere that a baby/kid needs to try a food 9 or 10 times before s/he actually likes that particular food...but I don't know why someone would eat something 2 or 3 times if they didn't like it, let alone 9 or 10 times.

Rose said...

Avocado was and is always a big hit around here. Gracie refused to eat anything off a spoon-- which I guess is not uncommon. She would only eat things that she could pick up herself, which left me with similar food limitations until she could chew better... I mostly just stuck to a few go-to food (many of them mentioned already in your post and comments) and then, when she got a little bit older, lots more options were available. She ate black beans, soft cooked veggies cut small, grated cheese, grated apple, and berries of all kinds. I let her eat yogurt with her hands, too. Messy every time, but she enjoyed it and got some of it in her mouth. Unlike Silas she has always LOVED salty and savory foods over sweet (her current favorite foods are black olives and bacon)-- so recognizing that helped me to have a few more ideas.

Kate said...

We had the same carb loving situation, but she loved deli turkey cut into small squares, blueberries and avocado, and I think that was the main meal for many months. Have you explored the Happy Baby line or the Plum Organics lines? I think they are at Whole Foods--those saved me and so did Earth's Best jarred foods. p.s. also Fresh Brothers pizza makes a "fresh kids" tomato sauce with veggies hidden in the puree--I bet they would sell you a side of it you could put on soft cooked pasta.

Heather Baron said...

Hi Abby-

check out

for recipes and food ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby-

Check out for recipe ideas- there are some great ones on there!

Egreeno said...

Hoping Mo's poison oak clears up quick! For Jakie, check out Telington Touch, based on some of the principles of Feldenkris, you kind find practioners here:, but also just google TTouch Los Angeles. I've also heard great things about hydro therapy for hips. Keep us posted!