Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights were filled with laughter and best friends - the friends who stuck right by my side, even though for a long time I wasn't laughing with them at all.  They stuck by me until my laughter returned.  I never, ever thought I would laugh like this again.  So hard that my eyes fill up with happy tears and my stomach hurts and when I think about our conversations the next day, I burst out laughing again.  I am so very grateful to have hilarious people who love me in my life.  I am so glad I am still here, even though it HURTS sometimes so badly that I think the emotional pain is enough to kill me.  The laughter is worth sticking around for.

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robyn said...

this makes me smile abby. your laughter is infectious and i'm glad it has returned. i know there is a lot of sadness in there too, but you deserve to laugh.

love you, ted, maxie and mo.