Fathers Day

I know that Fathers Day was hard for Teddy. He is in a really hard place in his grief. He often comes home from work very sad. He misses Max so much. I also think he has some delayed grief and I am partly to blame for that. He was so worried about me, he wasn't able to fully feel the pain himself. Now that I am in a better place, he is really feeling the depths of our loss. I know that being a father to Mo has been incredibly healing but it doesn't erase the sorrow of not having Max here... Of knowing Max won't get to participate in life. Teddy feels all of this very deeply and yet he is still able to really be in every moment with Mo. Their relationship is so special. Ted is an amazing daddy!!! Happy Fathers Day Ted! I'm so sorry our boy wasn't here to tell you how much he loves you - because he does - so much! We all do!

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Tiffany said...

it's so hard to watch the men we love so much suffer. i know that D had to delay his grief because of me too. i feel so bad about that.

hoping T had a gentle day.