My Club

These are the things that I know you know about my club:
It's a club that nobody wants to belong to.  Being a member of my club means paying the highest price that there is.  Once you are in my club, you can never get out of it - you are a member for life.  Everyone in my club feels broken - none of us will ever feel whole again - our lives are incomplete - we cry a lot - we feel sorry for ourselves - we carry a lot of guilt - we have good days and bad - our bad days are REALLY REALLY bad.

These are the things that you may not know about my club:
The members of my club are some of the kindest, most empathetic, warm and loving people I have ever known.  They often try to fill the void in their hearts by doing incredible things for other people - they are selfless in their generosity and desire to make a difference for others who are suffering.  There is very little petty nonsense among the members of our club. 

We are sad every time that we learn that a new member has been inducted into our club, but we welcome them with open arms.  No matter how big the burden is that our members carry, we always have room to carry a little bit of someone else's burden too.  We hold each other up - we comfort each other - we remember birthdays and "angel days" - we cry and smile together and have an instant connection.

Being a member of my club means having a child who is no longer alive.  NOBODY wants to be in my club.  But, the members of this club!  I could go on an on- they are some of the best people I have ever known.

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