Bad Ass

We are going on day three of complete misery over here!  Mo woke up sick on Monday - like really sick - sleeping all day, high fevers, multiple dosage of baby tylenol, and SO MUCH crying.  Yesterday, the fever went away but the crying remained.  Today he is just SO grumpy.  At times, I feel like I might lose my mind and I worry that he isn't sick anymore - maybe this is just his new personality.  Since Monday, he has probably only eaten a handful of puffs, 1/4 of a banana and like 20 blueberries.  The no eating makes me totally insane.  I feel like I don't even deserve the luxury of feeling frazzled either because I am just so grateful he is alive.

I got this text on Sunday from another momma who lost her child.  If I had a nickel for every shmuck who ever told me that god only gives us what we can handle!  

Today, I must channel my inner bad ass once again for day three of this:

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Egreeno said...

Poor Mo and poor momma!!! I hope he gets well very soon!!