Poor Baby

When Maxie used to wake up in the morning (6 am on the dot), he would sit in his crib and talk to himself. "Da da da da da?", he'd say - and his voice would go up on the last "da". We'd go through our morning routine with him - diaper change, bottle, baby CD (music we can't listen to anyone). He would wake up from naps in pretty much the same way - happy.

Mo wakes up unhappy. He is a very happy boy during most of his waking hours, but he wakes up bawling. Some mornings are worse than others - and very rarely - he wakes up without tears (although he did this morning). I can't say I blame him. I am NOT a morning person either. But, I can't figure out what makes him cry like he does. Yesterday morning, he was so upset, he was screaming. It took lots of hugs and cuddles to calm him down. 

He also has nightmares. I'm not even sure how it's possible since he has no memories to conjure up the fear. The scariest thing that had ever happened to him was once getting stuck under the couch during an overly ambitious crawl session. He was rescued immediately. 

And it would just kill me too - if he wasn't such a cute cryer. I know I am crazy but I think babies are so cute when they cry.  The way his face squinshes up and the big fat tears roll down his cheeks- it's too much. I want to kiss up all of the tears and eat those cheeks for breakfast.

Speaking of which, here is a photo of Mo crying over breakfast:

Isn't he cute?


Chantel said...

My 21 month old wakes up really sad as well. I have to move his high chair to the back deck and let him eat outside. He loves to watch the animals in the field. We have llamas and alpacas, that he calls worsees. It's the only thing that calms him down. I'm in BIG, BIG trouble when winter hits because I'm not sure I can stick him out there in the snow, lol.

Anonymous said...

In my experience babies who wake up crying or have nightmares are overtired. Is he getting enough total sleep in a 24 hr period (12-14 hrs at least)?

Abby Leviss said...

Yes. He is a great sleeper! 10 hours at night and a 2-3 hour nap every day.

Rachael Petru Horowitz said...

This is awesome - he is SOOOO cute! I used to take pictures of Polly crying - she was such a ham!

Like Mo, Polly would wake up crying, mostly after nap. And she had night terrors until she was three and a half. Now the only crying happens when she's fighting with us about nap time...otherwise the other issues have self-resolved.