Indoors for the Afternoon

My work closed early yesterday for Yom Kippur, and while other Jewish employees most likely ran home so that they could eat their last meal before fasting today and get ready for services last night, I did not.  Not attending synagogue may not be helping my chances of being written in the "Book of Life" this year, but the way I look at it, there is nothing that probably will.  If god saw fit to take Max, nobody is safe.  So, I am rolling the dice.  I'm wild like that.

Instead, I took Mo to a local indoor playground because there is only so much crawling he can do in our little house and even I would like to get out of here once in a while.  

He had such a ball!  He was moving at such high speeds the whole time, I couldn't get many photos that weren't a complete blur.  He was into everything and even playing with other kids.  It was so cute.  There were two little "mean" kids that kept telling him to go away.  Their mom tried to set them straight once but then she too started giving me dirty looks when Mo kept crawling over to them.  Mo's like his daddy - he likes when people play "hard to get".

Since she is blurry anyway, I don't mind telling you that this is the mean girl.
She is moving that yellow toy away from Mo so he can't play with it.

I love doing these kinds of things with Mo - all of the things I never got to do with his big brother.  I want his life to be full of fun.  I love watching him interact and explore.  I love being with him and spending time just seeing his funny personality.  He is such a character.  

He picked up this little pink tea kettle as soon as we got there and never put it down.


Hannah said...

He's so cute :)

To be honest (and I'm not Jewish, so excuse my ignorance - I do have Jewish family members) I expect that the last thing a busy mum an a grieving mum needs is to fast right now.

Anyway, thinking of you. - Hannah x

Maxie's Mommy said...

Agreed. I didn't fast...but Ted did.

Taryn said...

You are so zen about the mean kids...that has ME fired up! I hope they didn't put a downer on Mo's time. That's the good thing about babies, they seem so able to roll with the punches a lot better than anyone else in this world, but still the injustice gets me every time.

On a different note, Mo is just so cute! I love that he chose the teapot as his treasured item of the day!