Safe Sleep

A pregnant girlfriend of mine told me that her one huge worry about the new baby is safe sleep...and she wants to talk to me about all of the safe sleep recommendations.  Who can blame her really, with me as one of her best friends?  But, I can't talk about it.  I can write about it here, but I really can't talk about it.  The topic of "safe sleep" is a HUGE trigger for me.  I can't sit and have a calm conversation with anyone about the recommendations for safe sleep, which, by the way, I followed.  The whole topic throws me into a panic.  And, by the way, so does hearing or seeing that someone I know isn't following the recommendations.  I'm not even judging them, I just get completely freaked out and panicked.  It is a physical response - has nearly nothing to do with logic....even though logically I believe the recommendations are recommended for a reason.  And yet, I know what you are thinking "Why does she call BS on the recommendations about breastfeeding?   What can I say?  We are ALL full of various hypocrisies. I'm no different.

The safe sleeping recommendations are all over the internet.  Organizations like First Candle, promote safe sleeping awareness through their website, dissemination of information, press releases, advocacy campaigns and videos.  Usually mothers get a pamphlet with the safe sleeping recommendation from the hospital after they deliver.  They are probably posted on the wall in your pediatricians offices.  I followed them.  I could not justify not following them.  

I know not everyone does.  I know moms put their babies on their tummies because babies sleep better in that position.  I know parents put blankets in the crib because maybe they just hadn't heard that the blankets can cause suffocation, and I know that many people co-sleep because the advice on this one is confusing - some say co-sleeping can cause SIDS, others say it prevents SIDS.  What you do in your home is up to you but I can't really talk about it.  

What I will say is this - I strongly believe that caretakers of other people's babies should follow these recommendations as if they are laws.  It is not up to anyone but a parent to decide to put a baby down on their tummy, or to swaddle a baby past four months, or put blankets or pillows in the crib with a baby that does not belong to them.  There is just no justification for a daycare, or nanny or any other caretaker to not follow these recommendations.  NONE.  And, that is all I will say about that also.  There are certain things I just cannot talk about - they are way too painful and scary for me.  I am sorry.  


Protect Your Baby from SIDS said...
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Jayden's Mommy said...

I can't talk about this topic and many other topics. I followed all of the recommendations. I still do with my newest baby. My grandmother had 10 children and didn't followed them and we are all here. My mother follow some and we are all here. Honestly I feel stupid for making sure I did everything I could to keep my baby safe and alive, while other parents smoke right in front of their children and don't worry about their safety. Is so stupid so unfair their children are just fine and mine is gone.