Jake's radiation

Jake started his radiation yesterday.  He will have to go in every morning this week.  He gets put under a general anesthesia and then the radiation is given to him.  After he is done, he spends a little bit of time recovering and gets to eat his breakfast before he comes home.

I absolutely LOVE the veterinarian oncologist who is working with Jake.  She is the only one who has really been able to give me any bit of calm about the situation and she loves Jake.  Yesterday, Jake and I were waiting in the reception area and I saw her talking to another family about their dog.  As she walked away, she looked over at Jake and I saw her eyebrows raise, a little confused.  Jake got a pretty major haircut since the last time she saw him.  But, it seemed like she still recognized him and was trying to place him.  I sometimes wonder if even I would be able to pick Jake out of a goldendoodle line-up and I am his mommy.  She then scanned up and saw me and burst out with, "I thought that was Jake!".  Then she came over and gave him some scratches.  I told her I couldn't believe she recognized him and she said, "I've told everyone about Jake!  I love him!"  Is this the perfect person to be working with your dog during radiation treatments or what?  And, not that it matters, but it doesn't hurt - she looks like a Disney princess - probably one of the prettiest people I have ever laid eyes on.  I kind of want to be like her when I grow up - even though she is definitely at least 10 years younger than me.

The hospital is in West LA and about an hour drive from my house in traffic but so worth it.  It is seriously the most pristine and sterile hospital I have ever been in.  I mean I'd give birth there next time if I could (winkie emoticon).  It doesn't smell like dog, or pet, or pee.  It is huge and modern and everyone is so nice (suddenly I feel like I am writing a yelp review...wait, maybe I should).  When Jake was done yesterday, he was in good spirits - wagging his tail and excited to come home.  He was pretty lethargic last night though.  1 day down, 4 to go.  Jake is doing great.


Taryn said...

So glad to hear that Jake is getting the best, and it sounds like he's doing pretty darn well! Fingers crossed the smooth sailing continues!

Egreeno said...

I'm so glad Jake's doc is so great and loves him so much. But who couldn't love him, that boy just radiates love!!! Pleas e update us against the end of the week. Love to you all!