If you build it...

Will they come?

In my former professional role, I was in charge of planning a large fundraising dinner every year.  Even though there were many other events that I planned throughout the year and I had a million other things that I was responsible for - I would spend most of the year stressing about that dinner.  In the months leading up to the dinner, I would listen to the "chill" station in the car, practicing deep breathing and repeating mantras to myself like, "It will all work out" and "The room will be filled and it will be a huge success".  I would often find myself imagining the Beverly Hills Hotel ballroom completely empty and it would make me out of my mind anxious.  Of course, it would always work out and though some dinners were more successful than others, I would always feel good about our event.

I have a little bit of that going on right now.  What if nobody comes to Maxie's Birthday Benefit?  If I build it, will they come?  I know you are coming!  So many of you have told me that you have.  But, it would really put my mind at ease if you would register.  If you haven't done so already, please go to www.firstcandle.org/maxie.  We do have a bunch of early registrants already (THANK YOU!) but I would like a whole lot more.  Please, please, please help us honor the memory of our sweet baby and help us to support an organization that is very dear to our hearts.  Working with First Candle has been such a lift for me.  Many of their staff are also parents who've lost children and they know how important this event is to us and they honor their own children when they help us.  It's really a community of people who know and share our pain - working hard to stop this mystery death from happening to anymore babies.

And - the event is going to be really fun.  What could be wrong with food and beer and brewery tours and children activities and a great silent auction? NOTHING.  You will have a really good time at our event, I promise.

Please take a moment today and register before I have to start listening to the chill station!  www.firstcandle.org/maxie.  And, if you cannot make it, consider making a donation!  You can use the same link to register and make a donation!

Thank you!

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