Last weekend, Ted's cousins, Miriam and Jay, took us out on their sailboat.  Mo and I actually spent a lot of time below deck.  He likes to move, move, move - sitting still is not his thing these days.  We had a great time!!!!

Miriam and Jay have been so good to us and have served as important role models as well.  They lost their beautiful daughter, Liora, 17 years ago in a tragic accident.  They are the most lovely people and have honored Liora's memory with a forest in Israel as well.  If she had lived, I am sure we would have known each other - she was on such a similar path as me.  She worked in the Jewish community and had just returned from leading a mission to Israel when the accident happened.  She would only be a few years older than me - we may have even been friends.

Being with other people who are on this path with us is important to me - it has helped light the way.  I HATE my club, but I love the people in it.

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Taryn said...

Oh Mo is just too cute! He's so happy with himself, it's fun to watch!