Jet Lag

As we were getting on the plane to Israel, a woman I work with, who has never been to Israel, asked me how I deal with the jet lag from taking this trip.  "I never get jet lag",  I replied.  I realize now that I probably sounded kind of smug.  Anyway - famous last words!

My jet lag is so intense.  I feel like I could probably fall asleep anywhere, at any time.  Yesterday, at my niece's second birthday, I nearly snuck off to take a nap in her room.  My poor husband has been forced to watch 20 minutes segments every night of The Bachelor episode that I missed while gone.  I cannot keep my eyes open to see who accepts a stay in the Fantasy Suite!  (Ted is SUCH a good sport!)

I keep waking up in the morning at my usual time but by 4 pm, I am beyond exhausted.  I am chalking it up to old age - like I do with everything else.  Old age kind of sucks.

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