Glendale Pediatrics

I just woke up from the heaviest dream. I was with my mom and our friend Rob and I was telling them how worried I was about Max. I was saying that ever since his incident, his development seems to be stunted. I wasn't sure what to do, did they think I should try a new pediatrician? They looked at each other with a "should we tell her?" glance and Rob said, "if it will put your mind at ease, do it." So, I ran around looking for a private place to make this very important phone call and finally started to dial 411 for the number for Glendale Pediatrics, a practice where many of my friends take their children. While making the call, I was feeling more and more frantic, like I was running out of time. Then, my childhood friend Danna, who is a lawyer in real life but was a doctor in my dream, came over to me and put a hand on my back and asked what I was doing. I told her, in a panic, that I was worried about Max and calling a new pediatrician. She then asked me what was wrong with Max. Couldn't she see I was on an important phone call? I started to explain to her that he had had an incident and that, since then, something wasn't quite right. She allowed me to continue talking but was looking into my eyes and reminding me with her gaze that Max had died. That the incident killed him. I woke up with a gasp! Oh my god! I can't believe this really happened to my Max. It is 4 am and the nightmare of my reality Has just slapped me in the face again.

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