Papa's photo shoot

My dad, Papa Chuck, has always been really into photography.  I seem to remember him even having a darkroom in our home when we were little (or at least converting the bathroom into one from time to time). He takes great photos of landscapes, nature and people but he has always had an especially great eye for taking photos of children.  In his office, he has classic photos of my brother, Mandy (my niece) and I as babies.  Big closeups of our faces.  He really captured our expressions and the essence of our personalities.  I used to try and get Maxie over to see his grandparents as often as I could.  Timing out visits to my dad's house were tough because of naps.  I would try to put Max in the car just as a nap was starting and then drive slower than usual to get to his house (from Burbank to Woodland Hills).  Ted came sometimes but not all of the time.  The visit that produced Papa's photo shoot was really special.  When we first got to my dad's, the sun was not out at all, so we just hung out in the living room and watched the Justin Beiber movie with Mandy.  Awesome!  Then, the sun came out.  Ted and Mandy decided to swim with Maxie.  They had a great time.  I won't lie, you've seen some of these before:

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