Father's Day

Dear Teddy,

On this Fathers Day, I am thinking about how lucky our two boys are to have you.

I have a vivid memory from our early days of dating. We were walking along the bottom of some cliffs on the beach in San Diego and telling each other our plans for our future families....not “necessarily” with each other at that point....we were still feeling each other out. I wanted 2-3 children. You said that sounded about right. We talked about names. You shot down a couple of my obscure Hebrew names, I thought I could bring you around.

As it became more and more clear that we would end up together, we spoke more and more about children. How we would raise them, what traditions we would pass on, what kind of summer camps we would send them to (I said Jewish camp, you said basketball camp). As soon as we married, we began planning for a baby. Maxie was conceived five months later. I found out that I was pregnant with him one weekend while you were away on a ski trip with a bunch of your high school buddies. It was so hard to wait until you got home to give you the news. I cried, you hugged me....we were both over the moon.

Maxie's birth was the very best day of both of our lives and I could see from the very beginning of his life what a wonderful choice I had made for my husband. You were so proud at his bris. I knew you were excited to get to father this beautiful little boy.

You brought so many traditions to our home in the short time that we were blessed with Maxie. You are the one who brought music to the morning routine – which is why I believe it was our favorite time of day. Maxie's smile grew exponentially whenever his daddy entered the room. He loved you so much. He knew how much you loved him too.

I have never seen so much love and loyalty as I did when Maxie was in the hospital. I don't think you slept for 48 hours. You were by his bedside standing then sitting, then standing again, talking to him, playing music for him, begging him to stay with us. I remember you looking at me and saying that you would never be the same again. I know, in my heart, that Maxie felt you there with him. He knows that you wouldn't give up. I am so sorry that you have been through this my love. Nobody deserves this less than you. You are a person who brings joy and laughter everywhere you go. You deserve nothing but happiness. You are more deserving than nearly anyone I have ever met.

Baby M will be here soon and he is one lucky little boy. He has a super fun, incredibly loving and devoted father. I know that you will take good care of him and love him as much as you love his older brother. I am so sorry that this Fathers Day, none of your children are physically here for us to celebrate YOU with. You deserve to be celebrated because you are simply wonderful.

Teddy – I love you with all of my heart. I would do anything to ensure happiness for your future. I know that your second little boy will bring a genuine smile back to your face.  I can't wait.  I hope that next year, Fathers Day is a much more "Happy" occasion.

XOXO – Your wife


Britt said...

Thinking of you all on Father's day and always.

Jenny Romanowski said...

Oh Abby Ted is so blessed to live his life with you. Love just pours out of every word of this post! I'm so sorry you both have to live with out your most beautiful Max. I hope oneday Fathers day will hold precious memories and bright futures! All the warmest wishes and thoughts your way!

Leslie K. said...

That is a beautiful tribute to Ted. I'm so glad you have each other.