Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maxie's "animal totem" is/was a monkey.  Everything we got him had monkeys on it.  We even called him our little monkey.  We knew right away that little Mo was going to need his own animal.  Mo's animal came to my yoga teacher/therapist in a vision around the 120th day of my pregnancy.  I was talking to her about how worried I was for Baby M's future.  We did a meditation on him to send him health and longevity.  When we opened our eyes from the meditation, she told me that she had a vision of Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god of success: destroyer of evil and obstacles.  Could there be a more perfect totem for our rainbow baby?  

And what is really cool is that family and friends keep bringing over elephant stuff without even knowing.  We never got one elephant thing for Max.  We got so many monkeys and other animals too but never elephants.  Mo has got elephant pjs and onsies and stuffed animals and books and a personalized towel with an elephant head and his name on it.  Of course, I don't think I'll be calling him "my little elephant" any time soon (although with the way he eats, you never know).  Perhaps, my little "peanut" will do?


Melissa Rossi said...

I think this is a beautiful sign...one of my students from India gave me a Ganesh statue after I showed this video during our Hinduism lesson and we talked about the ways we overcome struggle (and in no way do I mean to minimize Maxie's passing as merely a "struggle".). But anyway, I just know that from now on, when I look at Ganesh on my desk, I will think of Maxie and Mo and wish you well...

MariaV said...

yep...he's your little peanut:)

rebecca Patrick-Howard said...

Toby's totem was a monkey and Iris' is an elephant, too. How ironic! (Sam's is a frog.)

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