Up all night ....at last

The night before last, we were "up all night".  Mo had a little tummy ache or maybe he was just restless....who knows?  But, I figured that yesterday I would just sleep when the baby slept...only, he didn't sleep.  He was crying and crying and crying unless I was holding him.  As soon as I picked him up, he would stop.  But holding and rocking a baby, while so loving, isn't super restful.  My mom had called and asked if she could come over and since it didn't look like the nap was going to happen, I told her to come on by.  Of course, right before she got here, he finally fell asleep.  She didn't stay long because she wanted me to get some rest.  Two minutes after she walked out the door, Mo woke up and started crying again.  The truth is that I was kind of starting to lose my mind.  But here's the thing - as tired and frustrated as I was...it was 10000 times better than any day I had during the long year between losing Max and Mo's arrival.  10000 times.  I LOVE this baby.

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greg said...

I know you are not cured and I know one child does not replace another, but it still makes me smile to hear you sound happy. 10000xbetter is a lot better. Hoping you get some rest and can't wait to see Mo again.