My Mo alarm clock

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Babies are a natural alarm clock.  Mo makes sure to get us up every three hours.  

Watch it through.  I promise he does move.  
He must know about our need for a snooze button.  
He does this several times each morning before it is really time to get up with him. 
 I like the warning.


Adina (Today for Talya) said...

What a sweet one Mo is! I wish Shmuey came with a snooze button, but his alarm sets strictly to WAAAH! Thinking of you and your beautiful family. - Adina

Marla said...

That is hilarious and adorable.

Rose said...

Mo is so gorgeous. You can see on his face-- I'm hungry, but I'm also asleep-- they push back and forth-- until hungry wins. Thinking of you, Ted, Maxie and Mo. xo

Kate said...

He is really darn cute, thanks so much for sharing this. I thought of you all yesterday when we were doing the Babar's Yoga For Elephants book that you gave me when Maya was born. (More elephant connections!)
Maya "teaches" me moves and holds her NOSE because in the book Babar is holding his trunk. We sang Long Time Sun at the end. I always sing it once for you, Teddy, Max and Mo. xo

Jenny Romanowski said...

He's so big and beautiful! He looks like a Morris! I love it! Ever think Maxie is soothing him almost looks like something comforted him! Bless you all!

Bianca said...

So delicious, precious and beautiful!

Leslie K. said...

What a beautiful little boy, and fun to see him in action! I love how he wakes up with total commitment and then fully conks out again with such ease.

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