People have been asking about the monitor that Mo wears on his diaper.  He wears a Snuza monitor almost all of the time.  It monitors his movements.  It will give him  a little buzz by vibrating if he doesn't move for more than 10 seconds.  If he still doesn't move, an alarm will go off.  I know that the monitor won't save his life, but it does help me sleep at night.  If Mo didn't wear the monitor, I'd probably just sit and watch him sleep to make sure he keeps breathing for as long as possible before passing out.  As it is, I open my eyes periodically throughout the night to see if I can see his chest moving.  If I don't see it moving, I rest a hand on it.  I did the same thing with Max, but it is obviously a much more real feeling threat with Mo (because I never thought we would be the 1 in 2500 family with Maxie and now I know that we ARE).  When I checked on Max, I felt like I was giving into a fear that would never be realized.  When I check on Mo, a part of me is always panicking.

Mo's Snuza monitor helps his mommy sleep


Fiona said...

I'm looking at sleep monitors right now as I've got six weeks to go. How did you choose the best one Abby?

Abby Leviss said...

I have a baby sense monitor for the crib that Gigi bought Max, but I wanted something for Mo for this time before he moves into his crib. Also, babies fall asleep anywhere. This will monitor him in a carseat or wherever. Only thing is that if he is in a mp of car or swing, it doesn't work. There is no perfect solution. I didn't want a hospital apnea monitor, it just seemed way to invasive.
BTW- This picture is a few weeks old. You can see the bandage on his arm from the skin biopsy that was done on him by the geneticist. It is healed now.

Rachael said...

that's a super super super cool gadget...oh, that there was no reason for it to even exist, though, thinking of you guys and of maxie's sweet smile and mo's squishy adorable baby-ness!!!