More photos from Mo's bris

These photos were taken by Teddy's Aunt Jan.  She took wonderful shots at Maxie's bris too.

Ted held Mo up high like the Moyel did with Maxie at his bris.  It was our favorite moment of Maxie's bris.  It reminded us of The Lion King.  It made me so happy to see Teddy showing off his second little boy in the same way.  I am so glad Aunt Jan caught a picture of it.

P.S. - Mazel Tov to my good friend Tamar and her soon to be husband, Mike, who are getting married today.  I am very sad to be missing this awesome celebration.  Tamar and Mike are on the left side of the very first photo.  They met at the wedding of our friends Greg and Ayala two summers ago when I was pregnant with Maxie.  I remember them flirting at our table.  I love that I was there for the start of their romance.  They didn't register for gifts but instead asked for donations to their honeymoon fund and to several charities that are important to them, including Maxie's First Candle Fund.  We are very touched by this act of generosity!  So excited for the start of their life together and wishing them nothing but happiness always!

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Taryn said...

Quite the celebration! I LOVE the picture of Ted holding up Mo. That is a priceless image. Then there's the pictures of sweet, cuddly little MO. He is well loved. Congratulations on the big event!