A positive distraction

I really wasn't sure if anyone would respond to yesterday's post! But we have a good group so far! Thank you! I'm really excited about this and it is something very positive for me to channel my energy towards! I have to admit, it really wasn't entirely my idea. I told my friend Carmen that I wanted to lose weight and she suggested that a contest is really the best motivator. This is evidenced by the fact that my sister in law who has no extra fat is currently participating in two weight loss challenges. She just enjoys the competition part. So listen, this thing officially will start on Monday. Carmen and I will come up with some rules and tips and email you all privately. We'll probably poll you on how you think we should do a few things like weigh ins and such. I think first weigh in should be next Friday because I always weigh less at the end of the work week than I do at the end of the weekend. And, NO- you don't have to do 2004 version (or any version) of weight watchers! You can do whatever you want. If you have no idea how to lose weight, we'll send some suggestions. A really good start is to go to www.myfitnesspal.com. You can find out how many calories you need to consume to lose weight and then track your food there. They also have an easy to use app you can download. Sign up for the "contest" by Sunday by emailing me at teddyabby at gmail dot com. You can join anytime or participate without paying the buy in amount if you just want motivation and someone to hold you accountable.

Teddy, Mo and I are off on a road trip this weekend. I'm feeling released of my beginning of the week bitterness. I am grateful for my readers, my friends. Thank you for supporting us. I hope I can have the opportunity to support you too.

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Egreeno said...

You always have been and continue to be a wonderful support for so many friends. Thanks for always being there!