Photos from the weekend

It was so fun.  I seem to take so many photos of Mo, I basically forget to photograph anyone else!  We spent lots of time with my cousin Leslie in SF and i didn't get one photo of her with Mo!  I am kicking myself.  Still, I did get some great photos of my baby boy and a few others too!  I'll start with the cutest video of Mo and his new friend Travis (my friend Robyn's little boy).  It was the first meeting in what we hope will be a lifelong friendship.

One more, taken by Ted, who spotted Carl Lewis at breakfast and tried to take a photo of him surreptitiously but ended up with this super fuzzy thing.  You'll just have to take our word for it:


Seeing Each Day said...

I'm so pleased you had good break away - it sounds like you got to spend time with some people who are special to you. Oh and well done on winning gin rummy. I will be sending lots of thoughts that you get through the week without having to travel that awful spiral downwards. This next bit I'm just saying aloud from my head without fully thinking it through so I'm not saying it with great authority, but, maybe now that you have been through those really difficult downers after your last few trips, you know how it can go and perhaps subconsciously you may have been preparing for it this trip and therefore putting measures and safety nets in place so you ensure you don't fall as far. (as if you don't have enough to do with the missing, and now another huge hard task is being added to your to do list) . I really hope so anyway. Let us know though won't you about how you're going and hopefully we can support you either way. Renee

Tiffany Torres said...

Mo is precious!! What does Ted's tatt say? I love it.