Alternate Universe

I live in an alternate universe: one in which I am fighting for my life every minute of every day. The threat feels very real, whether you believe it or not. In my universe TERRIBLE things happen to unsuspecting people and so you always have to be on guard. For some weird reason, the other people living here don't seem to realize that the earth has fallen to pieces and that life as we once knew it is forever damaged and ruined. Those of us who've gone through the change know that every minute counts and at the same time, those every moments can feel like an eternity. While you are talking about the weather and angry that we aren't paying attention, it's because we are making sure that at that very moment, everyone is still breathing- including ourselves. You and I don't speak the same language, we aren't part of the same culture, we are living in separate universes.

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Taryn Baughman said...

Abby, you explain things so well. I always appreciate the effort you make to articulate how the world looks when faced with such profound loss. I know words cannot begin to do justice to you pain, but you do such a beautiful job giving us a glimpse of your new life.