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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I wasn't alone at the cemetery yesterday.  Prima Sharon and Mo came with me.  I sat down on Maxie's grave and was overcome with sorrow and "whys?".  Why?  I will never understand how this happened to my sweet boy.  He was and is so loved.

Mo had been fussy all morning - anxious to crawl as much as possible, teething, whining....but not once we got to Maxie's spot.  As I sat there crying, Mo sat next to me.  He put his two fingers in his mouth and then leaned into me.  Once in a while, he would look up at me and then go back to leaning.  He didn't try to crawl away.  He didn't try to pick up the stones on Maxie's headstone.  He didn't try and grab the pinwheels.  He just sat, quietly comforting me.  It was just what I needed.


greg said...

I'm glad Sharon and Mo were there with you Abs. I can only imagine how painful this weekend is. Maxie will be missed forever. Forever.

love you.

Sarah P. said...

I've been thinking of you so much over these few days. What a lovely, but heartbreaking image of you and Mo at Maxie's grave and of Mo providing comfort to you at such a devastating time. There are no words to describe the sorrow I feel that you have been without your special Maxie for two whole years.

Taryn said...

Brings tears to my eyes. What amazing babies you have! Mo is a compassionate, wise soul.

Bianca said...

It makes no sense that Max isn't with you and that life could be so deeply painful and unfair. He is so loved and missed by us and by so many people. Max is special forever.

Egreeno said...

I'm so glad you were not alone and that Mo is such an amazing soul. We are with you in spirt as well, missing Maxie and feeling your loss deeply. Love you all so much!

GrahamForeverInMyHeart said...

This is for Maxie:

Hugs from Graham's Mom

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