Sometimes I can tell what kind of a day Ted has had based on the intensity with which he hugs and kisses Mo when he gets home.  Not that he isn't ALWAYS overjoyed to see his baby, but sometimes it is like Mo is the only thing that can help his aching heart.  It is a desperation to be close to his child and it is "desperate" because of the inability to see his other child.

I can tell - because I feel it too.  There are naps Mo takes during which I can feel my heart physically breaking in my chest.  When he wakes up, I need to be with him.  Right next to him.  Holding him close and covering him with kisses.

He is the only thing that can help ease this pain. 


Em said...

Although I have other children as well I have a physical ache to hold Nathan. I'm glad he's a cuddly baby.

Jayden's Mommy said...

I seen that sadness in Jared. He is always missing his baby but some days he gets back home from work and all he does its hold Kyle, Kiss and hold the girls. And his sadness it's like spilling out. It truly brakes my heart when I see my honey like that. Totally understandable Abby and if there is any good idea of something you do to make those days easier. Please share with us. Much love to you.