Cousin Love

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As we sat at the breakfast table on Sunday with my cousins girls and my aunt ALL taking photos of Mo with their iPhones, I said, "What I REALLY want is a photo of all of you taking photos!"  And so it was.  My aunt's husband, Rod, sent me this one.  I love it....totally captures the moment.

*I feel like I should mention that these girls don't all have their own iPhones.  They just have the hand me downs with music and photos - no wifi or phone.  Not spoiled at all - these girls are so down to earth and lovely.  (Not that kids with iPhones are spoiled.....well, you know what I'm saying....)

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Em said...

yeah...I know what you're saying...hey I've missed it somewhere but can you tell me Maxie's dates? They're so close to Eva's I wish I had been reading you more back in the early black days...something I regret but hey, in the scheme of things the regret I feel over not reading a blog is pretty minor compared to the regret of not getting one last echo of Eva's heart done before we left for home...

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