As I told you, Mo has been babbling a lot of words that sound like "Momma" in the past couple of months. "Mom", "Momma", "Mamamamamama", and even the very occasional "Mommy". It could easily be taken as plain old baby talk - without real meaning BUT it sure seems to come up whenever I am around, he is fussy or hurt, or I leave the room. I have been thinking more lately that there is likely intention in his babble.  Obviously, it shoots me over the moon. I couldn't wait for crawling but to hear "Mommy" will send me straight to heaven.

There have been some doubters in the bunch, including Teddy. Whenever I point out Mo's nearly saying of my name, Ted chuckles a little.  Maybe he thinks it's cute that I have convinced myself of the nonsense. Whenever he's having his own Mo time though, I hear him saying, "Dadadada...can you say Dadda?"

Then Monday, it happened. Mo looked right at Ted and said "Da" and then "Dadda". Ted's eyes lit up! "Can you say Daddy?", he said. "Daddy!", Mo said right back! Teds smile said it all! It made him so happy! And it made me happy to see him so happy.  

It's pretty interesting how quickly he moved over to the "it isn't just babble" team.  

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Taryn said...

Sure Mo could just be babbling, but I say what good does it do to err on the side of him making meaningless sounds rather than believing he’s really trying to say something to communicate with you both? What does anyone have to loose in believing he's actually talking? Mo WILL talk someday very soon, no one will argue that why is it so hard to believe these are his first, favorite, most-used words?

I think the same thing applies for many things that we have a hard time believing in our lives, mostly because we don't want to look stupid if there's even a slight chance of being wrong. (I’m totally guilty of this approach, I’m not pointing fingers. I think this is a very human reaction). But why does the CHANCE of being wrong rob us of so many of life’s joys that are already there for the taking? Let’s just believe that you are right and celebrate that Mo is learning so many amazing things. Your heart deserves to soar with pride!