A Christmas Rant

I think we can all agree that December is all about Christmas.  Christmas basically OWNS December.  Another reason to not leave my house this month - Christmas music everywhere.  And, yes, I know, Jews have Hanukkah and there are other seasonal holidays as well....but, let's be frank...it's all about Christmas.  And that is fine.  Really, it is.  And, the reason it is most fine is because on Christmas day, Jews own the movie theaters....or at least, we used to.  Now, can someone tell me what the hell happened?  When this cataclysmic shift took place?  When did Christians (and other Christmas celebrators) start going to the movies on Christmas day?  Can't you guys stay home and open presents and drink egg nog and revel in how happy you are with your families and with apple cider and Christmas carols and all that?  It isn't that I don't want to be at the theater with you specifically, it's just that it was so much better when the theater was empty on Christmas day....and while I am at it, and I know I shouldn't complain, but when did the public schools start giving days off for Jewish High Holidays?  Those were the days that we got pulled out of school and it was cool.  It made us special for a day or two.  Rosh Hashana used to be my day to rock Disneyland.  Working in the Jewish community, I always get the days off work and the place used to be MINE (Second day of Rosh, of course...I am not THAT sacrilegious).  Ted and I went a few years ago (told our parents we were going to Temple....we just didn't mention that we meant we were going to ride Indiana Jones and the TEMPLE of Doom) and ended up in the longest lines EVER.  I am not down with these changes.  Very little brings me any joy these days....VERY LITTLE.  An empty theater would have brought us some joy but instead, I spent the whole of Mission Impossible battling my neighbor for the arm rest.  Shouldn't he have been at home building a gingerbread house or something?  What is next?  Are we going to have to get the early bird special at the Chinese restaurant just to get a seat next Christmas Eve?

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Ántonia Shimerda said...

I had to giggle a little bit at this entry. I know how you feel. My mom and I have been going to the movies on Christmas Day for about 16 years now. It only stopped when I had children, although when they're older we might start the tradition back again. We usually try to see something big, like an epic. Past movies have included "Benjamin Button", "Cold Mountain", "Evita," "The English Patient," etc. But we've definitely noticed that the crowds have picked up from when we first started going.

It's like on Sunday around 10:00 am when we go out to eat and there's a wait. Mom will look at me and go, "Heathens! Shouldn't these people be in church!?" (Yes irony and sarcasm included.)