Thank goodness...

Thank goodness for .....
$25 foot massages
Hot Chocolate
Wonderful, caring friends
Good books
Parks and Recreation, Glee, The Office, and Modern Family
Other parents who have lost children: their support, their blogs, their journals and their constant reassurance that everything I feel is normal
Korean spas
Pictures and video clips of my Maxie
My family
Central heat
A big fireplace in our bedroom
Maxie's Forest and Team Maxie
The meal train
fuzzy slippers
Mediums, Accounts of Near Death Experiences, and stories of life after death
kundalini yoga
Max's dirty clothes
dreams of future Leviss babies
and most of all ......Teddy
These are the things that have helped me get this far....

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Rebecca Patrick-Howard said...

I love those things, too. Well, not Teddy and the things that are personal to YOU, of course. :-) I don't know what you are doing with Maxie's dirty laundry but I can tell you what I did...(Only telling you this because people thought I was crazy for keeping it and at the time I was trying to figure out a creative way of storing it...) You know those plastic bags with zippers that comforters and blankets and stuff come in? They're the really heavy plastic, not like freezer bags or anything. Anyway, I put them in one of those and then put them in a trunk. I take it out every so often and unzip the bag to let them "breathe." One of the other SIDS mothers said that they used their baby's room decorations for their office. I liked that idea and we ended up doing that as well. I also took a huge shadow box and wrapped his sheet around the cardboard back. Then, I pegged his "coming home from the hospital" outfit on it. I also cut out a sailboat from his bed skirt and attached that, as well as his pacifier, a sailboat ornament that we had dangling from his closet door, and one of his burp cloths that had sailboats on it. It hangs in our living room.

I mention this because many people I have talked to thinks it's strange to have mementos of our departed children like this. I say screw that. I was more interested in finding creative ways to make him part of our current life and having reminders then I was of their opinions. (Some of these things took me more than a year to do while others I did right away.)