Happy Holidays

Dear Friends,
I know this time of year is very exciting - a time to count your blessings and shower your loved ones with attention....especially children.  Presents and television specials and so much music everywhere you go.  If I reminded you that Ted and I aren't Christian, would you maybe feel better about not sending us a Merry Christmas card?  I know that some of you probably took the address from Maxie's tree donation site and added it to your Holiday card spreadsheet.  Would it be too much trouble to go back in there and just "hide" us for this year?  I haven't even bothered to check when Hanukkah falls this year.  I don't even want to know.  Perhaps by next year maybe we will have something to be happy about?  I don't want to squash your enthusiasm because I know you got really cute sweaters for the little ones and you have already drafted numerous renditions of the family update letter, but maybe, just maybe, we can opt out for just this one year?  I KNOW we will never have a holiday season this terrible again.  I just know it.  I am just thinking since Halloween nearly drove me to start using hard drugs, perhaps daily influxes of adorable happy family photos and cards would produce the same sorrow and anxiety.  And, trust me, I think your family is so cute!  Really.  Usually I just love the updates about everyones school plays and soccer leagues too.  But, I am trying to be proactive here and just thinking of anything I can possibly do to try and lessen our pain just a little.  Anyway, if you can't figure out how to not send us a card, we will live (obviously) and no hard feelings.  But, if you can figure it out and are feeling particularly compassionate this holiday season, we'll take a rain check.  With lots and lots of love,
Ted, Abby, and Baby Maxie

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