Love is a feeling that draws you close to someone else
You want to be beside that love all of the time
You want to protect that person
against hurt, pain, insensitivity, ridicule and shame
You want that person that you love to be happy
To always know that they are loved
To know that they are not alone
You care about the other person at least as much as yourself
Probably more
Your own needs often feel secondary
When you really love someone
Their happiness is your happiness
Their loss is your loss
When you love someone it actually hurts you to see them in pain
 Emotional or physical
You would give your life for someone you love
If you really love someone
I mean, REALLY love someone
It is near impossible to continue on without seeing their smile
This is how I love my boys
Ted, Max and Baby M
This is what I believe it means to love


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Thinking about you, Abby, and as usual, also thinking about your little monkey.