Four Months Old

Morris is four months old!  He is so awesome!  As seen earlier this week, he is in a full blown raspberry blowing stage.  It is hilarious and never gets old.  We all just blow raspberries from morning till night.  Turns out blowing raspberries is nearly as effective as therapy for beating the blues.  I recommend it - whether or not you have children.  He is also really engaging with people and his toys.  He likes to play with toys dangling above him best.  He smiles a lot and hardly cries at all.  After we left Seattle, our hosts from wrote that our "little boy Mo was probably the most quiet 4 month old in the history of babies!"  Both my boys have been super easy babies.  We are so crazy about Mo!  He brightens up every day!

So, here's the recap:
Just Born

One month old

Two months old

Three months old

Four months old

Also, for fun, a brief video of part of today's photo shoot:


Bianca said...

Those thighs, those raspberries in the video, that handsome smile... Mo is such a love!

Seeing Each Day said...

My favourite moment was when Mo had his hands above his head and his legs up - utter baby gorgeousness. As I've said before, I really enjoy these growing update posts, I can't believe even the difference between now and last month!

Jenny Romanowski said...

Simply Scrumptious!!!