Having fun in Seattle

I almost feel like my old self this weekend.  Almost.

A part of me feels like I left my saddest self in Los Angeles.  I've been taking a break from her - most of the time.

Being with funny friends has helped.  Yesterday, we had one of our biggest laughs in a long time, when we parked on this street:

The street name is already decidedly hilarious as it sort of looks like a dirty word at a quick glance, as pointed out by my Seattle friend Greg.  But, I wish every single one of you had a Hebrew speaking friend to ask why this is even more funny.  I took the photo and sent it to my Los Angeles friend Greg, whose wife Ayala is Israeli.  I told him to show her the photo.  He texted back minutes later, "I just learned the funniest new Hebrew word!"...his next text - "Are you on a street with only Indian food?" -his next text "When you're sliding into first and you're feeling something burst..pft pft...."  Yes, my friends, it's the Hebrew word for diarrhea....and, yes, we are all incredibly immature and found it to be incredibly hilarious.  The Hebrew word for diarrhea was pretty much used for the rest of the day ad nauseum - good times!

We did also some touristy stuff, had lunch in a cool pub on the main street of the Ballard neighborhood where we are staying and then ordered in pizza and tried to play a Saturday Night Live version of Trivia Pursuit, which was way too hard for anyone except perhaps the biggest SNL geeks of all time.  We gave up after about five minutes.  Just hanging out is more fun anyway.


Becca said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it here! Sorry it's been freezing cold!

thegirls3 said...

Love the pictures and the fact that you are smiling :) but what really made me smile is.....you don't have sweats on!!! ;) Hope yall continue to have a great time making memories. Hugs from GA

robyn said...

glad you had a good time in Seattle with e&g and the shilshole story is a good one. that last pic of mo getting a bath is too cute...he is such an adorable chubster.