My birthday

My birthday was really nice actually.  I spent the day working, hanging out with Mo, had lunch with my friend Bianca, my mom came over to visit and then Teddy brought home a delicious dinner from Joans on Third.  If you live in LA, go there NOW and get the chocolate covered peanut butter balls!!! Not kidding - AMAZE-BALLS (literally).  Teddy bought one for each of us.  I was so close to eating his too and using my birthday as an excuse.  But, that wouldn't have been very nice....also, then we couldn't have talked about how delicious they were.  This weekend we are off to Seattle to visit our friends Eowyn, Greg, Kyle and Mandy - I am really excited about getting out of LA and spending time with some of our best buds.  Packing up a baby for a weekend trip is no joke - my list has so much stuff on it it is crazy: burp cloths, clothes, monitor, sound machine, bouncy seat, books, blankets, "Scout" the talking green dog toy....some of it might be overkill but it is better to be safe than stuck on vacation with a miserable baby.  Anyway, thank you for all of the nice texts, emails, calls and comments.  It was a good birthday.

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