He cannot be trusted.....

....with his own hands!

I am trying to wean Mozie off of his miracle blanket.  Once babies can start to roll over, their swaddle becomes a SIDS and suffocation hazard.  I am being extra cautious with Mo, so even though he isn't rolling over yet, I want him in a sleep sack before that day comes (it is coming soon, he is already tossing his leg over and moving to his side occasionally).  The thing is....his hands are like crack to him.  When he has access to his hands, he cannot stop nibbling on them....and he gets CRAZY about them.  He talks and talks and talks and drools and goes crazy for these hands.  The more he chews, the crazier he gets.  I am sure he is cutting a tooth or something but as soon as I take away his access to his own hands, he passes out.  Last night I put him in a sleep sack with FULL ACCESS to those hands and he woke up every hour.  I really don't know what to do.  He also needs the pacifier to calm him down but knocks it out of his mouth with those wild hands.

He literally cannot be trusted with his own hands!  Ay!  I need help!

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SadMama said...

He's very irresistible!