Space Needle Photo Op

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm feeling super blue....but here is something that made me smile.  Canned Space Needle Photo Op.

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Seeing Each Day said...

The only reference I have to Seattle ( that's where you went last weekend is that right?) is the tv show Frasier, which I always enjoyed watching, oh and sleepless in seattle of course. Sorry that you're feeling so dreadfully low. I've been thinking that because of your recent appointment and how you stated that you'd really been looking forward to it for months in the hope of a connection, that how you're feeling this week could maybe like a resurgence of your grief, I'm sorry Abby , that doesn't make sense, but like a renewal of your deep deep sadness because you'd really hoped you would 'see' your little one. Anyway, I'm sure my words aren't helping - as if you probably haven't thought of this anyway. I wish I could send a metaphorical blanket over to provide some comfort. I'll try............

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