Mo's first plane ride

We are in Seattle this weekend visiting our friends.  I've never been here before but I am already in love with this place.  It is so beautiful.  We are renting our own little one bedroom apartment through this service that Eowyn told us about called  The name is kind of misleading in that it isn't a B and B service.  It just hooks people up with an apartment, room or house vacation rentals for short or longer term stays.  Our little apartment is perfect - we have a bathroom with a real jacuzzi tub, a full kitchen, a nice living room area with plenty of space to play with Mo, wifi and television, a nice comfortable bedroom and LAUNDRY!  Laundry is such a bonus when traveling with a baby (I've already done two loads - Mo has a new trick of peeing through the leg of his diaper in the middle of the night and then I get pee all over me when I nurse him.  It ends up being a really awesome and warm surprise!).  The family that owns the apartment even lent us their pack and play crib so we didn't have to lug ours.  Its very homey and way cheaper than any hotel would have been - plus we don't have to feel burdensome getting up at all hours at our friends homes.  Eowyn went to Trader Joe's before picking us up at the airport and got us all sorts of snacks and fruit for the house.  It is the perfect set up.

Mo did great on the airplane.  Everyone was checking him out and commenting on how cute he is.  Of course.  I wore my bebe au lait (otherwise known as the "hooter hider") to block the light out for him and he passed out on my lap and slept most of the way.  Ted and I were a little squished and my hand was under Mo's head in an awkward position for basically the whole flight.  About a half hour in, I asked Ted how much more time was left and he answered that we still had two hours. I must have sighed or something because the guy sitting at the window smiled and asked, "Is this your first baby?"  Ted and I both smiled back and said "no".  I guess he didn't hear us because he asked again....and we answered again.  It hurts.  So much.

Anyway, today we are off to explore.  More on Mo's first vacation later....

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Rachael said...

Thinking of you guys, wishing you a good trip, looking forward to seeing you over lunch in the not so distant future!