First Solid Foods - Coming soon!

Mo is my reason for getting up in the morning.  His birth gave me the will to live again.  I do not say that lightly - I mean it with my whole heart.  Before he got here - every day was torture, every breath was labored and difficult, every waking moment was a countdown until the end - of the day and my time on earth really.  I couldn't wait to be done.

Now, I look forward to each morning, when I get to be with Mo again.  I miss him while he naps.  I miss him while we sleep.  For the last few nights, he has been waking up every two hours because he is teething.  And, you know what?  That is just fine.  I love seeing his little face in the middle of the night.  I love seeing that he is still here, breathing.  I love cuddling close with him and giving him comfort to get him through this uncomfortable period.

But, what kills me is that Ted hardly sees Mo at all.  Mo is asleep when Ted leaves for work in the morning and he is asleep when Ted gets home at night.  Ted works most Saturdays too.  So, he really only sees his baby on Sundays.  And, he waited just as long for Mo as I did.  He is suffering just as much as I am suffering.  He deserves the joy that I have now just as much as I do.  It just doesn't seem right.

Ted has been looking forward to Mo's first solid foods for months.  He keeps asking me, "When does he get to eat solids?"  Well, now that Mo has his first tooth and is turning six months old next week - it is time!  So, we are waiting for daddy's day off of work to give Mo his first spoonful of yams (Maxie's favorite food and also the food that our pediatrician recommended giving first).  We'll never forget Maxie's first time eating "solids" (aka - rice cereal).  We were smart enough to capture that moment.  We'll be sure to do the same with Mo next week.

I know that even though Ted gets very little time with his boy (VERY little time) - Mo has brought light back into his life as well.  Mo's a very special little boy around these parts.


Bianca said...

Maxie is so adorable trying cereal for the first time! I love him so much and miss him with all of my heart. And I'll never understand why that sweet and beautiful child is not here with us and with you and Ted and Mo. I bet Mo is going to like his yams and can't wait to see it. xx

Rachael Petru Horowitz said...

Oh, Abby, he was SOOOO into it!!! That is such a sweet, delicious video. Thank you for sharing. Heart hurting that Max isn't here to help Mo with his first bites of yams.

jessica said...

I can't say it any better than B did. It is so unfair that Maxie is not here with you. I think of him every single day and am always sending love to him, Mo, you and Teddy. xo

Anna said...

Maxie's facial expression after his first spoonful is awesome!! Little raised eyebrows In surprise and liking of a knowing soul. It is so unfair he isn't with Mo, Ted and you to share your days. And to show Mo how it's done. But I think he's with you all in your hearts and that mo is going to rock yams. xx

Fiona said...

Gorgeous Mo. I wish I could meet him just to kiss those wee cheeks.xx