I am so lucky to have a Prima like Sharon.  I wrote her two weeks ago to say I missed her and hoped she would come visit.  One week later and she had already booked her come that Saturday. This is her fifth or sixth visit since we lost Maxie...and she comes all the way from Mexico City.  I can't believe she still loves me and comes back even after four or five visits where I hardly got out of bed and all but ignored her.  She never came with expectations.  She never took my grief personally.  She listened when I needed her to, distracted me when I asked her to, and left me alone when it was clear I couldn't engage.  She is the one who first told me that I should let myself feel my pain...she continues to "give me permission" to grieve.  I am so lucky to have a cousin/friend like her....Maxie and Mo have been lucky to have her too!

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Rose said...

Love this post, you are so lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you. xo.