My crazy good deal

I am addicted to my baby monitor.  I was addicted to watching Maxie on it, and now I am addicted to watching Mo on it.  It comes to grandma's house, it comes on vacation - it gets turned on and watched throughout the night (even though Mo sleeps in the same room as us, at the foot of our bed) and it is used for every nap.  I am sure most parents with a monitor are also addicted in the same way I am.  

Anyway, I'd been thinking about getting a second one - which sounds almost crazy and probably not necessary but plugging and unplugging it in Mo's room is kind of a pain.  I wanted one that I could just keep in there as we transition him into his own room for naps.  So, a few weeks ago there was a CRAZY good deal on baby monitors on Groupon.  Not only was it majorly discounted but it has all sorts of cool features: an intercom so you can talk to baby, a nightlight, it plays lullibies, it monitors the temperature in baby's bedroom - so, cool right?  I was really excited for it to come and had been talking it up to our nanny.

Yesterday, it came!  And, it seems so far to be as cool as I thought it would be.  I don't even have to plug in the camera as it runs on batteries (my biggest complaint about the monitor I already have).  Anyway, I sat down on the couch with the user manual and a cup of coffee - excited to read it cover to cover and learn about how all of the features work (because I am a nerd - I LOVE baby gadgets..... I LOVE THEM).  I read the first two pages, flipped to the next page and found this:

HUH?  Like, I am totally confused.  I literally stared at it for about five minutes before I showed it to our nanny and then we both burst out laughing.  I don't know why - but we felt like we were being punked.  I even considered not showing it to her because I was embarrassed - why?  I don't know!

So far so good but I don't think a post-it would lie!  I am sure that the person who wrote this post-it was pretty pissed off at this monitor.  Must have been to send it back with this post it right?  Perhaps the manual is recycled and the monitor isn't?  I guess it could explain my crazy good deal.

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Anna said...

That is hilarious!