We came home to the most horrific smell in our house on Tuesday evening.  Like, seriously, gag me!  It was hard to place until we got into our bedroom and then I knew EXACTLY what it was - a dead animal.  I know the smell well as my pet hamster got out of its cage when I was a kid, climbed into our heating duct and smelled up the house for what I remember being weeks (but was probably days).  OMG - so disgusting.  It is totally permeating the bedroom and master bathroom and is so super gross.  I called out a animal removal guy on Wednesday who went under the house three times, finally located the thing but couldn't get to it.  He said he'd have to tear out the floor in our newly remodeled bathroom to get to it.  He assured me that it wasn't harmful to our health and that it would dry up soon and go away.  It is STRESSING me out because we all sleep in our room and, as you can imagine, I worry about Mo - ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  Anyway, YUCK!  BIG TIME YUCK!  SUPER BIG UBER YUCK!

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Rachael said...

Wow - that is really really gross. So gross. I'm really sorry. Hope it dries up soon!!!