Inching along

I love him so much my heart is bursting out of my chest.  He is so cute.  He is so sweet.  When he smiles at me, I feel like the most important person in the whole world.  He is the center of my universe.  I love watching him get older and at the same time, as we inch closer to nine and a half months, I am constantly working on suppressing all of my fear and dread.  I know he will make it through.  I am almost positive he will be fine.  He HAS to be.  He is everything to me.


Anna said...

Darling Abby,i am so so happy that Mo is in your life and so very sad you have reason to even think about anything other than spending the rest of your days with him. Thinking of you and sending love.

Tiffany said...

i completely understand. i was so full of dread as we got closer to that milestone age. and now that she has just turned one we can breathe a bit easier but i am still in a state of constant fear. i wish it didn't have to be this way. thinking of you always my dear friend.