Greg's Trip to Israel

My friend Greg went on his first trip to Israel at the end of the year and I really enjoyed living vicariously through him.  He sent me updates every few days about the adventures that he was having with his wife and her family.  It looked like they had an awesome trip.  I smiled as I read through his descriptions of wandering through the old city of Jerusalem, surfing in Tel Aviv, and floating in the Dead Sea.  

He sent photos too:  



I have been to Israel many times.  I've been there as a teenager with a teen tour, as a tourist, I've led many trips there, I studied abroad there, I even lived there after college.  I also met Ted in Israel and we got engaged there.  I was supposed to go just a few weeks after Maxie's first birthday, for a week-long, cross-country bike ride in fact.  Now I'm just not sure when I'll go back - hopefully someday in the next few years to dedicate Maxie's Forest with our family.

I opened the last Israel email from Greg a couple of days ago.  There is a Jewish custom of putting a note in the cracks of the Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem, as it is Judaism's most holy site.  The idea is that the prayer goes straight to god.  He sent me a photo of the note he put in the Wall for my boys and I couldn't hold back my tears.

It made my day.

Love you Greg!


Anonymous said...

Such a special note. Thinking of Maxie, Mo, you & Ted, always.
~ Britt M.

Rose said...

This last picture made me cry and cry, so beautiful.

Becca said...

Wow, what an amazing note for the kotel, I love it.

I love Israel too.

Constance Todd said...

Wow, how blessed you are to travel to Israel for many times already! Tell me, is there anything there, or an important place perhaps, that you haven’t visited yet? Is that Greg reading while floating? How cool! I love the Dead Sea, despite the name, because I can pretend like I know how to swim there. XD